Thursday, 01 September 2011 15:32

Adrenaline to End the Day!

Since we decided to come back from our trip to Monterey, we thought there might be an inkling of hope that the sunset in Santa Cruz might give us a chance to still capture some images with surfers in the background.  We went to Lighthouse Point Park where many people go to watch surfers as well as to see the lighthouse, which is also a surf museum.  From a distance, all the surfers swam in…

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Today was a very eventful day.  Woke up early and took off for a drive to Monterey.  There were several things I wanted to see and do on this particular outing:  Monterey Bay Aquarium, Tillie Grot's Cafe (a highly recommended vegetarian restaurant), drive along the 17 Mile Drive, and catch a sunset at the Lone Cyprus tree.  Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate with the sunset plan but three out of four wasn't bad.  Instead of…

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011 14:24

Seeing Red at the Historic Santa Cruz Hotel

What would it be like to be like to have dinner in a 1900s brothel?  With only the letters "h" and "o" on the illuminated neon sign of the historic Santa Cruz hotel attracting hungry diners into an all red den, the Red Restaurant & Bar reminds me of such a place.  If you ever visit, this is a must go not only for the cool setting, but for the amazing menu and drinks.  While…

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011 06:43

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is one of my favourite small towns along the coast.  The downtown area of Santa Cruz is basically one road and some of the main stores are on those three or four blocks.  Out of them all, the one I visit the most is Pacific Wave Surf Shop mostly because they have the best selection of t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, and toques.  While in Santa Cruz, we also drown down the pier and just…

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