Friday, 09 September 2011 07:00

McCarran Airport

Each airport is unique and McCarran is no different.  There are slot machines neatly placed in the centre, easily accessible by incoming and outgoing guests.  McCarran Airport offers incoming travellers an appetizer of what the Strip has to offer and while most people are tired after flying, some will sit down at the slot machines and try their luck.  One never knows, maybe the progressive slot machine will hit the jackpot.  For the departing, it is might offer one last chance to reclaim what was lost.  Just don't forget to redeem your tickets before you board your flight!  No matter…

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I was a little tired of eating out at restaurants all the time (haven't cooked for the past two months) so Jen and I decided to cook.  We spent the day trying to figure what we would make and ended up with pies.  Chicken vegetable potpie (sorry I'm vegetarian) and an old fashioned apple pie.  Of course we make everything from scratch and the results are delicious.  All the butter makes the pastry extra flaky…

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Monday, 05 September 2011 06:56

My Best Friend Jen

It has been years since the last time I came to Las Vegas and I've sure missed it!  Flying in last night I could see all the lights from the hotels lighting up the sky.  Just thinking of the kinds of glamourous parties, high stakes gambling, and other sorts of debauchery going on in Sin City was enough to keep the imagination going for hours.  But instead I was focused on seeing my best friend.…

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