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Oops No Maastricht...Atomium and a Movie Instead

Written by  Ken Ku
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Everything was planned the night before for our day excursion to Maastricht, Netherlands.  The alarm was set for 8am and we would head out to the train station buy our tickets and head on over.  The actual ride would take almost two and a half hours so we needed plenty of time in the morning to make the day trip worth while.  Plus it would be All Saints Day so no doubt there would be lots of people taking the day off.  However that wasn't the case.  When the alarm went off, everyone decided to just take a few more minutes.  That of course turned into a few more hours.  By the time we were all finally awake, it was already noon.  Way too late to leave for Maastricht!

Instead we decided to check out some more sights in Bruxelles.  First we went down to Place Flagey for a quick lunch of sandwiches.  I don't know about at other cafés but the one we went to, you had to make your own sandwich.  All the ingredients come in a glass jar and you're given a baguette.  The sandwich was only 3,80€ and it was very delicious as well as filling.  Also the café has free wifi so you could conceivably sit there all day if you show choose.

After lunch, Gio, Aleksander, and I went across the street to wait for the bus to take us to the Metro station so that we could see the Atomium.  I have to say that while the Atomium is an interesting structure to see, it was just a monument.  I probably wouldn't pay to go inside it.  Especially when only the top orbit has windows.  You can go to the Atomium website to read more about it if you don't already know what it is.

Perhaps the highlight of the day is seeing Contagion. At first we wanted to see the Three Musketeers but the version was in Dutch so that would not have been the most pleasant.  I probably would have either laughed throughout the entire movie or just fallen asleep.  In any case, Contagion is quite interesting though maybe not one of the best movies to watch while traveling.  After I felt like everyone around me had an extremely lethal disease whenever they sneezed or coughed.  I'm sorry if I'm paranoid.  I just don't want to get sick.

Tomorrow is my last day in Bruxelles and then I'll head off to Genève to see my cousin.  I'm so excited about that.  I haven't seen her since her high school graduation!

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