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Los Amigos Backpackers Hostel is Just Amazing!

Written by  Ken Ku
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Welcome to Los Amigos Backpackers Hostel Welcome to Los Amigos Backpackers Hostel Ken Ku

I have to admit that when I first booked the Los Amigos Backpackers Hostel online, I had absolutely no idea what I would be getting myself into.  All I knew was that it had 100% ratings and that was basically it.  On the map it seemed like it was super close to the airport and that transportation was convenient as well.  However, when I actually bought my ticket I found out there is actually two airports and my flight would be going to Tenerife Norte instead of Tenerife Sur.  I emailed Francesco and he was very helpful and gave me advice on how to take the bus to get from Tenerife Norte to Tenerife Sur and would then pick me up at the airport there.

It did take me a few days to adjust to the more laid back atmosphere of the culture on Tenerife.  I had been traveling for almost six weeks by that time so I had the urge to continue to explore and see new sites.  Though after going to the beaches for the first couple days, I knew that all my other plans would be put on hold.  It was enough just to relax by the beach and the two towns: El Médano and Los Abrigos offered plenty of activities to do.

The hostel is very welcoming, Francesco, Ferdinando, and Luigi all work very hard to make sure your stay is as pleasant as possible.  The breakfasts are spectacular as well: hardboiled eggs, variety of juices, fresh fruit (sometimes apples and mangos from the yard!), whole wheat toast, a variety of cereals, milk, coffee, teas, sliced tomatoes, cheese, and mortadella for sandwiches.  It is by far the best and well stocked breakfast that I've had at a hostel!

Also, they have bicycle rental services for 2€ per day.  To end the day, what's better than a dip in the pool?  My favourite part was that their common room was outside.  It offered a chance to share stories of everyone's adventures that day.  Later at night we all sat around listening to live music.  There's not better way to spend a vacation if you really want to just relax and be away from the tourists.  I really cherish my time at Los Amigos Backpackers Hostel and I can't wait to be back again.

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Ken Ku

Ken Ku

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