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Eating With My Hands

Written by  Ken Ku
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A Sampling of Vegetarian Ethiopian Food A Sampling of Vegetarian Ethiopian Food Ken Ku

Last night I wanted to try something different for dinner and I asked the hostel for some recommendations and was given a name for an Ethiopian restaurant that was just a ten minute walk away.  During the sangria party I tried to see if there would be any other people that would be interested in trying this restaurant with me.  No one seemed too keen on eating with their hands so I just went by myself and I am glad I did.

Addis Abeba is a small restaurant with a comfortable setting.  I wasn't too sure what to do but the owner, Abraham, came over and immediately made me feel welcome.  I told him that it was my first time eating Ethiopian food and wasn't quite sure what to expect.  He explained everything to me and the hospitality he showed me was incredible.  There are two different options for vegetarians but I didn't have to choose, Abraham was so generous he let me sample both!  After dinner I also had some Ethiopian tea made with cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, and black pepper, with a little bit of sugar.  Super delicious.  I think I have found a new favourite cuisine!

What was even better is that not only did I have a wonderful meal, I met new friends too!  Even though Abraham doesn't know me from the next person, he treated me as if I were family and invited me to come by and visit on my way back through Barcelona in October.  It certainly made me feel welcome, especially being a single traveller and after a long journey it is nice to know that there is a place to go for a cup of tea and catch up with friends.

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