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Hanging out in Nice and Cap d'Ail with New Friends

Written by  Ken Ku
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Cap d'Ail Cap d'Ail Ken Ku

I met some really great people, Katie, Marley, Shaun, and Jamie, at the hostel here in Nice and today we all decided to take a walking tour that was supposed to start at 11am.  We weren't quite sure where the tour was going to take us but wanted to check it out anyways so our gang headed towards the sister hostel for the adventure.  However had just left by the time we arrived.  We ended up just wandering through the town ourselves and headed up towards the old fort with a beautiful panoramic view of the beach down below.

After taking some photos we then proceeded to look for a famous ice cream that Jamie had mentioned.  Fenocchino Glacier is the name.  Our first attempt was unsuccessful in trying to locate this place but on the way back, it was just a stroke of luck that we were able to find it.  Shaun needed to buy swim trunks and while wandering we saw a shop that had a pair of stripped shorts on display.  I happened to look up and right next door was Fenocchino's.  The shorts were temporarily forgotten and replaced with thoughts of ice cream.  At Fenocchino's, there are many interesting flavours including: pistachio, Kinder, violet, etc. as well as the regulars.

It was only around noon time by the time we finished ice cream and the beach was calling.  We originally planned to see two different beaches.  First go to Cap d'Ail and the work our way back to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.  They were both on the same bus line so it seemed logical to go the the farther one and check it out.  There was also supposed to be cliff jumping that that location as well.  First order of business was to find swim trunks for both Shaun and Jamie though.  I knew there was a Galleries Lafayette and headed towards the Opéra tram station through the fruit and flower markets (both markets are open from 7am to 1pm from Tuesday to Sunday and Mondays it is an antique market) and walked towards the square.  We found a sporting goods store and they were able to outfit themselves with proper swim wear while Katie went off to find a journal.

While I knew how to get to Cap d'Ail (a tour liaison at the hostel told me this morning) I wasn't sure which stop to get off.  I figured we would just get off at one of the stops in Cap d'Ail.  However, Jamie asked the bus driver and was told to get off at Deux Tunnel and walk back 50 metres towards the gate and down the hill.  We took his advice and took a 10 minute hike down the hill just to be greeted by old naked people!  They even beckoned us to join them!  It seems the bus driver had played a prank on us and sent us to a nude beach!

*TIP: If you are unsure where you are going, always seek directions from more than one source.

We were didn't want to strip down and made a hasty retreat back to the road.  Let me tell you that hike back up to the road probably took less time than when we came down!  I am definitely going to have sore calf muscles tomorrow!  The walk to Plage Mala (the beach that was our intended destination) took us another 25 minutes to walk to including another downhill trek.  By the time we arrived it was already three o'clock in the afternoon so we quickly changed and jumped in the water.  After a day hiking around in the hot sun, the cool water was definitely refreshing.  We spent the rest of the day at Plage Mala soaking up the sun, drinking wine, and just enjoying each other's company.

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Ken Ku

Ken Ku

A photographer/printmaker/perpetual wanderer going on a backpacking adventure around the world.  Follow my journey as I discover new places and meet new people!



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