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Château de Versailles

Written by  Ken Ku
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The Gates of Château de Versailles The Gates of Château de Versailles Ken Ku

I woke up early today super excited about the fact that I would be going to visit the Château de Versailles.  I have always wanted to see how royalty lived and I certainly wasn't disappointed in the least!  I saw the palace right when I turned the corner and there was probably still another kilometre before I could actually get to the building!  I arrived at 11am and the queue for tickets were already out the door!  For 18€ you can tour the Château de Versailles, the Grand Trianon, and the Petit Trianon (Marie-Antoinette's Estate).

Be prepared to spend an entire day here if you wish to see all these beautiful and carefully preserved monuments as just the walk to and from each place is lengthy!  From the Château de Versailles to the Grand Trianon is probably 1.5km!  That gives you a scale of how much more there is to see in the gardens as well.  There is also the Grand Canal.  There are row boats at the small dock for rent to take out on the man made lake.  The map they gave me at the beginning of the tour says that to walk to the west point of the Grand Canal it would take approxmately an hour!  That gives you an indication just how grand the Grand Canal is!

Inside the Château de Versailles, the tour starts off with the Chapel and a 17th gallery.  Then it moves into the King's Apartments, the famous Hall of Mirrors, and then through one of the mirrored doors, I went into the King's antechamber, followed by his bedroom.  Even his bedroom would hold state affairs and is public to a degree!  I guess if you're king, things like that is just inconsequential.  There's a country to govern.  After it was the same with the Queen's Apartments and I saw the small door where Marie-Antoinette fled the night of the French Revolution.  On the ground floor there is the Dauphin's Apartments and the Mesdames' Apartments.  Unfortunately, the Mesdames' Apartments are only open on the weekends.

After viisitng Château de Versailles and walking the grounds for the entire day, I wished for a second that I could live in that time.  Ok maybe more than a second.  However then I thought about how regimented their lives must have been with rules, etiquette, and class.  What if I was a servant instead of the king?  That shattered the dream really quick.  It is better that I just go see the monuments where the past can stay in the past.  Still I wouldn't mind living in something like the Château de Versailles.

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