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A Day in Good Old San Francisco

Written by  Ken Ku
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The beautiful central rotunda building at the Palace of Fine Art in San Francisco. The beautiful central rotunda building at the Palace of Fine Art in San Francisco. Ken Ku

I have been in the Bay Area for several days now and I still haven't visited San Francisco yet, my old romping grounds for seven years!  So I decided that I would make a trip of it today and visit some old friends as well as the school I attended, San Francisco Art Institute.  Not a lot has changed in the city, it was still just as busy as ever and the new Bay Bridge is still under construction.  Although, I'm sure they must be almost complete by now.  It looks to be an amazing bridge and will definitely add to the city without a doubt.

Welcome to SFAI freshman students!

As for visiting the school, I made it just in time for their first day of school.  I felt like I was a freshman all over again.  Except it has already been four years since I graduated, I've done so much in those past years, mostly because of the education I received from San Francisco Art Institute.  As soon as I walk in the door, I saw Jack Fulton, my friend and mentor.  We chatted for several minutes though unfortunately he hard to go back to class, after all school was in session.  I walked around the school and saw some more people that and mostly new faces, toured the new facilities, and snapped some photos.  It sure was nice to be the tourist at school for once.

Standing on the left side of cable car offers a much better view than sitting

Later, we went and rode the cable cars.  Every time I come to San Francisco, I just have to ride the cable cars.  I know exactly what they are like and rode them almost every chance I had when I lived here but still I have to do it when I am in visiting.  Let's just call it a ritual I have developed.  Also, I stand on the left side of the car.  ALWAYS stand and try to get the left side if you can.  It is absolutely more fun that way.  When the two cars pass each other, you are within inches of the other passengers.  Not only that, the left side the view is just better.

When you are taking the cable cars from Fisherman's Wharf, make sure you are taking the right one.  There are two terminal stops.  One is Powell/Market to Hyde Street which is the end of Fisherman's Wharf, where Buena Vista (famous for Irish coffee and brunch) and Ghirardelli Square is.  The other is Powell/Market to Bay Street, where Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, restaurants, as well as the F street car is located.

Our final stop while in San Francisco today was the Palace of Fine Art.  It is often confused with the Legion of Honour which is strange to me since the two landmarks are no where near each other nor do they look at all similar.  The Palace of Fine Art is very recognizable.  It is a round building with a dome and lots of corinthian columns.  It is just as iconic as other San Francisco landmarks such as: Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, and Transamerica Pyramid.

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