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Spa Time! In the Netherlands!

Written by  Ken Ku
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There is nothing better than going to the spa on a cold autumn night.  I went to Lennard's dental practice earlier during the day today to have one of my molars checked out because I had chipped it a while ago and he was able to help me smooth it down and then walking back to the house all I could think about was going to the spa: soaking in the hot spring and sitting in the sauna!

It wasn't especially cold these past few days in Papenburg but at night there is always fog and this evening is no different.  We drove to Fontana Bad Nieuweschans in the Netherlands from Papenburg at around 1930 and there was already a thick blanket of fog covering the roads.  They even had to close down a section of the Autobahn due to the thickness of the fog!  For part of the drive it seemed quite dangerous, there are no street lamps and you can't see more than a few metres ahead of your headlights.  In ever direction if felt like there was no more road to drive on but we kept pressing on.

Finally I saw a small placard indicating we had crossed into the Netherlands!  Even though I knew we were already in the Netherlands, we passed through another gate but apparently that meant we had actually entered Nieuweschans.  Another five minutes and we were at Fontana.  I was definitely ready to take a dip in the spring and sit in the sauna for sure!

The entrance to the pool is inside where the changing room is (it is a co-ed changing room and shower area) then you swim outside.  It was an amazing experience to be soaking in the water and watching the fog all around, especially being lit up with the neon lights around the pool.  Around the pool they have massagestraße where people queue in line to use the water jets.  At the first station, the water jet starts at the feet, then working up towards the back and shoulder area.  Once a minute there is a chime to tell you to move to the next station.  It was extremely orderly and no one stayed an extra turn at a jet.

After the first thirty minutes in the pool, Lennard, Lisa, and I went to the sauna.  It wasn't what I expected though.  I am used to the sweltering cedar saunas but this one is built all entirely of stone and it wasn't all that hot inside.  It was lavender scented though.  The coals are heated up and once in a while the machine would lift it out of the heating chamber to dunk it into the lavender water.  Aside from that, the stone seats were also heated but it isn't hot enough to sweat.  I did notice that most people wore robes when going into the sauna which is probably why they don't have the temperature up as high.

We took one final dip in the pool for another thirty minutes before leaving Fontana thoroughly relaxed.   Check out their website for more information about Fontana Bad Nieuweschans.

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Ken Ku

Ken Ku

A photographer/printmaker/perpetual wanderer going on a backpacking adventure around the world.  Follow my journey as I discover new places and meet new people!



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