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Went to Mandanzz! What a Party!

Written by  Ken Ku
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Comfort Food for Dinner Comfort Food for Dinner Ken Ku

After we got back from walking around the old town and shopping around Düsseldorf, I decided to make dinner for Keith and I.  There's nothing better than tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on a cold autumn night so we went to the local grocery store and picked up ingredients for some gourmet food: roasted tomato soup and emmenthal and gruyère on a German bread.  It was definitely what I needed, not only was I starving but there's nothing better than comfort food while traveling.

While I am from a country where the sun goes down early during the winter months, I am having a big of trouble adjusting to the fact that it felt later than it really is when we were making dinner.  I'm attributing it to the fact that I was probably really tired and I just wanted it to be later than it really was but in fact the time did fly by.  When everything was cleaned up it was almost already 2100!

Keith and I ended up going to a gay club called Mandanzz and at around 2330.  It is definitely was not like any clubs that I have been to in Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or even Las Vegas for that matter.  It was more like a warehouse party!  It was a bit difficult to find since it doesn't actually say Mandanzz on the front nor is it easy to find from the outside.  Just some nondescript gates that were open.  Perhaps we just weren't paying attention since obviously the people that were walking a few hundred metres ahead of us knew exactly where they were going.


Once we went through the gates, I was blown away by how huge the courtyard was!  This is definitely not Celebrities in Vancouver.  Once we paid cover there was a line up of people giving out free things: marshmallows in the shape of something...a mouse I think it was.  Further down the freebie train was a woman handing out discs of some kind of pixie stick like candy sugar.  Then to the right side was a big space where the bathrooms are, except it was more like a lounging area with chairs and tables.  I thought to enter the club it would just to the right, but I was mistaken, that only took us to yet another lounging area.  This time it was the pizza parlour.  That's right!  There was a pizza parlour right inside the club!  This lounging area where people just hung out and chatted could easily be the size of the old Odyssey!

Finally we arrived to the coat check which is actually right by the main dance floor/warehouse and since it was still early we found a stool and had our first drink of the night.  The music at Mandanzz is quite varied, from Top 40 at the beginning, to maybe EuroPop since I wasn't quite sure what was playing, to really old Christina and even old Backstreet Boys!  It certainly was an interesting night!  The party also didn't end until 6am which was refreshing knowing that you could dance till your heart's content.

As for how much the entire evening out cost.  Well, the cover for the club was 7,50€, coat check was only 1€, and drinks weren't too expensive either, depending on what.  Beer such as regular Becks was 2,50€, Becks gold was 3,50€, and then mix drinks were around 5,50€.  The entire night for two people, including transportation, only cost us 55€ and that's with three rounds of drinks!

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